Thursday, May 27, 2010

Principal Staker

Hailey got to be Principal for the Day because she earned 120 AR points this year. She actually ended the year with over 130 points!
Here she is with our AWESOME principal Mr. Marlowe
Making herself comfortable.
There were two other girls from our neighborhood who were also Principal of the Day with her, her good friend Megan Saunders and a first grader Makenzie Ulrich. In this picture Mr. Marlowe is speaking over the loud speaker and announcing that the girls will be leading them in the Pledge of Allegiance. Look how excited Hailey looks!
Their day as principals included two field trips with the kindergartners to the zoo and park and going out to lunch with Mr. Marlowe and Mrs. Ritter to Wendy's where they had kids meals and frostys, which is a big deal for Hailey because I'm cheap and I never buy the kids meals!
Ally is a morning kindergartner so she and I got to spend the first half of the day at the zoo with Hailey.As we went around the corner this peacock was standing there and had his tail feathers spread, by the time we got the picture he was starting to put them down, but all of the kids were freaking out and didn't want to turn their back to the peacock in fear that he would charge at them if they did.This was Ally's group at the zoo, her good little friend Memphis Owen is in the front, then Kobe is behind Ally and a little boy in our ward Kaden Taylor is behind him and Hailey ringing in the back. Those other two kids happened to come over when I was taking the picture.
Here is Hailey with Megan who is wearing high shoes but is still quite a bit taller than my little Hailey! I am so proud of Hailey, I think I say that a lot, she is such a good little reader and student. Along with all of the AR points she earned, she also finished the second grade accelerated math program and went partly through the third grade program. All of that is in addition to her regular classwork which she always does very well on. Hailey loves to write and I have enjoied reading her journal entries from school as she finishes a unit and brings them home. I LOVE Hailey's teacher this year and she has done such a good job motivating her students and the best part is Hailey will get to have Mrs. Julian again next year for 3rd grade.


triciathomas said...

Honestly how do you do it all? I have naughty kids, a messy house, I barely have time to help in the schools ect... I think you guys are amazing!

Nat said...

That's awesome that she got to be principal of the day. Jake couldn't care less about AR points. Maybe I should show him this post so that he'd see there's an actual reward for doing it.