Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When did that happen?

It's been a week and it still seems so weird, and amazing that I have five kids. It took me a week to get a picture with all of them, and I still don't have any pictures of Allan and me with all of our kids, that may have to wait until we bless Brayden. Which by the way, we are doing on February 7th for any of you who would like to come. Life at home has been pretty busy, so I figured I better document the last week before too long.The girls (well, 3 of them) got to come and see Brayden the day after he was born(Wednesday). Allan's mom took a couple of days off work and helped hold things down at home while I was in the hospital. After school Hailey had ballet and Ally and Natalie had doctor's appointments for their year check-ups. Allan ended up taking Lilly with them because she wasn't feeling well and we found out she had RSV and an ear infection. Lilly couldn't come to the hospital and couldn't be in the same room as Brayden when we came home. It was a little bit of a challenge, but we ended up deciding to keep Brayden in our room and Lilly out once we got home.
Hailey, Ally, and Natalie were all super excited to come and see their baby brother for the first time. Natalie had a little cough so we had her wear a mask, she wasn't too happy about it, but was willing to sacrifice to be able to hold Brayden.
On Thursday we brought Brayden home. This was his cute little outfit, I love it!
He looked so small in his carseat!When we got home Allan and his dad made this big snowman in the backyard. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them trying to stack the snowballs, it was very entertaining.The girls helped Allan decorate him. Lilly watched everyone and wasn't too impressed that we wouldn't let her go outside to help with the snowman.
Allan ended up grabbing her for a quick picture.This next picture was taken on Friday, Brayden, like all of my kids, got a little Jaundice and they peak about day 3-4 and so I wanted to throw this one in to show his yellow skin.
My parents came on Friday, the girls were very excited to have them come and visit. On Monday they took Ally and Natalie shopping for their birthday's and got them some toys and these outfits. I guess Hailey was a little upset that Ally and Natalie got new clothes, and Tuesday morning when Ally was getting dressed, she went to the bathroom and when she came back she couldn't find her shirt. Hailey had taken it and hid it in the back corner of the closet. I wouldn't have ever figured it out except I happened to walk into the room when Hailey was coming out from behind the dresses. So when Ally couldn't find her shirt I connected the dots. Sometimes I don't know what goes on inside that girls head!Tuesday we also let Lilly hold Brayden for the first time. She was very excited. Lilly loves her baby brother very much and we are working on teaching her to love him without hurting him. She is a big helper and loves to bring me diapers for him.Here is Brayden one week old. I was excited to get a good picture of him with his eyes open. His jaundice is pretty much gone and he is really a good baby. As my dad would tell you all he does is sleep and eat and poop, but he is really good at all of them. Things are crazy around here as always, but Brayden doesn't add too much except that he is hungry all the time so he keeps me busy.
Today to add to the drama, Hailey woke up not feeling well and when I took her to the doctor found out she has strep throught. Luckily they said babies aren't suceptable and Hailey should be able to go back to school in the morning. My parents also left today, so things should be going back to our normal routine.


Nat said...

Lilly's little face is so cute in that pic of her holding him!

Zoe said...

I love all the blue everywhere, what a change from all the pink and purple! I still need to come over and see you and Brayden, I'm such a slacker!

B. Surfer said...

YEAH! A Bouncing baby boy... you should drop him around 1 month to see if he really does bounce. Isn't that a poem?

Robin said...

Little Lilly has the proudest big sister look on her face I have ever seen! Brayden really doesn't look like the girls, but he is adorable! I guess he is already tring to set himself apart from all the girls by coming with a look all his own. (however, he does look like Allan.) Let me know if you need dinner once the meals from the ward stop coming. My kids all have colds so I have kept them away, but they are excited to see your first little boy!