Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ally's 6!

Ally turned 6 on January 7th. I want to take this chance to share a little about Ally. Ally may have been sent here to keep me sane. She is the total peace maker in our family, she would do anything for anyone, especially her sisters. Her favorite color is Blue, which Allan loves (and thinks it''s because of BYU), but I'm pretty sure it's because Hailey always wanted everything pink and Ally settled for blue. She is a little mommy and takes care of everyone. Ally is SO smart! She was reading before she started Kindergarten and counting to more than 20 before she was 4, it all comes so naturally to her. She has the most magnetic personality and everyone from babies to teenagers want to be her friend. She is just as comfortable with boys as girls, it doesn't really matter to Ally she is just happy to be around people. We love having Ally in our family she is a sweetheart and loves everyone!
As has been the tradition in our family for her 6th birthday she had a sleepover birthday party.
Everyone came over and we had pizza for dinner and then made these initial blocks. Some of the girls weren't so impressed that I only gave them the choice to paint them green, but I think they were happy with the end results.
Then we had cake and ice cream. I made Ally this castle cake and I think it turned out pretty cute.
Ally invited Hannah.
Of course her sisters.
And Ila.
Sydney and Maddie(who came as Hailey's guest technically)
And Bayea.
After cake and presents we did make-up and nails.
Then we settled everyone down and watched "UP." In the morning we had doughnuts and they played until parents came to pick them up.


Rachel said...

You are braver than me. I don't know if I would have the patience for a slumber party. We have had a few sleep overs with 1 person and I get a little nuts. It looks like lots of fun though! I know that I need to do it one day, I loved having them when I was little.

James and Tricia Thomas said...

And you are pregnant!! I barely pulled off a party and I am not pregnant! You are amazing!

jomama said...

that looks like so much fun! you are amazing to pull off a slumber party and a homemade cake at all, let alone being pregnant!

B.H. said...

That cake is AWESOME!!!!! I'm way impressed:)