Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tiffany and Rob's Wedding

Last weekend we went to Allan's cousin Tiffany's wedding. It was wonderful and Tiffany was so happy. We were excited to share her day.
Tiffany got married on a Friday (I'm not complaining, I chose a Thursday) so Allan took the day off. We were planning on taking everyone down to Utah, but with the flu my kids had already missed so much school we asked our wonderful friends to let Hailey and Ally spend the night at their house so they could go to school on Friday. Then at ballet, we found out the 3 older girls all had a Saturday morning practice so we asked if Natalie could stay at my Sister-in-law's house and we went down to Utah with just Lilly!
I am pretty sure Lilly had a fabulous time. We met my Dad for lunch in Salt Lake before the wedding, and while we were in the temple Lilly went with Papa to his house and got all of his attention.
Then we went and picked her up and went over to the reception. She was so excited to have Mommy and Daddy all to herself!
At the reception, Lilly enjoyed doing things like taking her shoes on and off,
Wandering around smiling at people,
stuffing her face with marshmallows,
and drinking Hot Chocolate!


Amanda said...

She is beautiful!

Jamie said...

She looks a lot like you Kristy. :)