Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just some things I have been up to.
This is a vinyl saying I got from my friend Janae at thoughtsinvinyl.com I finally got it hung so I thought I would throw it on here too.
These 7 blocks each have 6 different letters and can spell at least 40 different words like: welcome, harvest, friends, faith, family, spooky, blessed, snow, home, hope, monster, mother, dream, easter, new year, luck, summer, love, believe, fall, turkey, spring, joy/hope, special, peace, christ, thanks, cougars, swim, each of my kids names and many more!This is a FHE board I made at Super Saturday. I still need to make magnets with our names on them, I just got the vinyl for the names.
These two pictures are the same project, just opposite sides, another Super Saturday project.
My other Super Saturday project was this Halloween one.
I picked up these three pumpkins at a store in Utah called Wood Connection and painted them.
This witch is also one I got from Wood Connection.
This is a project I found on a craft blog and copied, yea for my cricut!
These three were ones I made at one of our ward craft groups. My good friend Zoe designed the witch. Check her other projects out at cheekybanditcrafts.blogspot.com
These last two are more from Wood Connection.

I still have a few more things that I am working on including the Turkey Lurkey from Zoe's blog and I think on the back of my Give Thanks project I am going to do a Tis' the Season.

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James and Tricia Thomas said...

Those are so cute!!! I think you need an etsy shop to sell your crafts!