Thursday, March 12, 2009

January Birthdays

Ally and Natalie both had birthdays in January right before we went on our big vacation so of course I never posted anything about them. I just thought I would catch up on some things since my hubby is down at the Mountain West Conference Tournament (GO COUGARS) and I had a little extra time.

For Ally's 5th birthday we went to Leo's for pizza and games with some family and we let Ally choose one friend to bring. She of course chose Dawson because they are best friends. (not to mention engaged, haha) Although Dawson does not look sure he wants his picture taken, I think they had a great time. Dawson is our next door neighbor and I hope that they stay such good friends as they get older. (that means you can't move Breanna) I am even going to brave morning kindergarten because all Ally cares is that Dawson is in her class.

Ally is such a fun child. She loves her sisters and is such a big helpper for me. She is SO smart, she knows all of her letters and sounds and is starting to read. She just wants to do everything that Hailey is doing. Ally is so friendly and everyone loves her. Right when we got back from Disney World she got to start going to a new preschool at Hailey's school. She gets to ride the Kindergarten bus to school and ride home with Hailey. Her bus driver says everyone fights over who gets to sit by Ally each day.

Natalie's 3rd birthday was the day before we left on our vacation. We kept it simple and went to Mc Donalds with a few cousins. Obviously my gift to Natalie was that I didn't do her hair that day. (*snicker*) I was a little pre-occupied with getting 6 people ready to go on vacation for 12 days!

Natalie is our little independent child; for example if she is hungry she goes in the kitchen and gets herself a yogurt or a cheese stick or goldfish or whatever it is she is wanting (including candy, the girl has crazy candy radar) She can be such a stinker but she gets away with it because she is too darn cute. She has been pulling these tricks since she was a tiny baby. She just gives us her sneaky little smile and laughs and we can't stay mad at her.

I am so lucky to be the mom of four beautiful and fun girls. They make me so happy and challenge me all at the same time. It is funny how different they each are, the other day Hailey did something and asked, "does that make me your favorite?" I thought that was so funny and I told her they were all my favorite, each in their own different ways. People ask me all the time if I want a boy, and I have probably said this before but, I love having all girls and I would be just fine if that was all we ever had. Allan on the other hand loves his girls more than anything in the world but he hopes someday we get a boy too. DISCLAIMER-We are not done having children but that is not because we are TRYING for a boy.

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