Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Cat in The Basement and Random Thoughts from a person who hasn't had a husband to talk to in 3 days!

So I am not sure why, I have a suspicion that it has to do with two sneaky older sisters, but Natalie is convinced that there is a cat living in our basement. There is no convincing her otherwise. She says that she heard it (once again probably those sisters) and she doesn't like to go down there now. At night she wants to make sure the basement door is shut so the cat cannot come up stairs while she is sleeping.

This morning Hailey, Ally, and Ila were down in the basement playing and Natalie was looking for them, When I told her they were downstairs she brought up the cat and I continued to insist that there is no cat in the basement. So then she says, "It's a baby cat, and I like baby cats," and went down to play with her sisters. I think it is hilarious that she psyched herself into going down there by telling herself it is just a baby cat.

I cannot wait to get our basement finished! Right now on the bright side, the kids will usually go down there and play, and I don't worry about if they are making a mess or drawing on the floors or whatever. It is also nice in the winter because we can bring the bikes down and they have 1700 sq.ft. of cement to ride around on. BUT, when it is finished we will have another family room, 4 more bedrooms, a bathroom, and a lot more storage. It will basically be like adding a-whole-nother house to what we have! Right now we have 3 girls and all 4 of their clothes in one bedroom, and Lilly sleeps in the "Toy Room." Closet space is a joke! I dream of the day when we have a permanent guest room and a craft room for me and the kids. Maybe then I can actually get all of those things out of my Living Room and Dining Room! I don't think the kids will each take their own bedroom for awhile (concidering they all sleep in the same bed most nights I don't think they are ready to separate yet) but it will be so nice to have the rooms there if they want to have their own.

I really shouldn't be complaining, we have a nice 3 bedroom home with a lot of closets and a lot of living space (in fact, I can't even afford furniture for the space we have) I know that we have time to grow into our home, but we are planning on growing our family very soon and it is nice to dream. Really, if I just went down there and organized all of the boxes and stuff I could at least make it more liveable and probably move all of the toys down there and then have 2 bedrooms for the kids. They would probably still want to sleep in the same room but at least then I could have the extra closet for their clothes. Maybe that will be my goal, but I'll have to move fast because, in the words of my wise friend Trudy, "We have to get all of these inside projects done so we can move outside and start on our gardens as soon as it gets warm."

Wow, this is just turning into random thoughts of Kristy. I was just thinking about how I really like living here, I never had seasons growing up in California and I am finally learning to take full advantage of them. Besides the beautiful changing outdoors, there is a lot more too it. We have the long winter, but it is a great time to do projects inside the house. I have been making bows lately and redecorating some rooms, but I know so many people who love to make blankets, or scrapbooking, or whatever else and you get a chance to work on those things a lot in the winter when you can't really go outside much. Then we (hopefully) have Spring with everything coming back to life and blossoming and we can start our gardens and clean out our garages (mine is in desperate need) and do things outside while it is nice and cool. In the nice nice warm Summer we can have floods at the Johnson's house and go play on the waterslide at Grandma Staker's and play T-ball and just be outside all of the time. Then we have Fall with canning and football games and holidays and so many excuses for parties! Plus we totally change the way we eat in each season. In the fall/winter we eat a lot of hearty meals and soups and all of the food we canned then in the spring/summer we eat a lot more fresh food from our garden and BBQ.

Now I am all excited and I am going to go to Home Depot and buy paint to redecorate the kids bathroom! Yea!!! By the way, I have posted 3 or 4 things in the last few days so make sure you keep reading!


Nat said...

When I was growing up our basement was unfinished for a long time. We would rollerskate down there, and all sorts of things. It was so fun! Yes, the room will be nice when you do finally get it finished, but don't be in a rush!

B. Surfer said...

I've convinced my kids we have an elephant living in the basement. Now, anytime we hear a random sound while at home Avry says, "UH! It's the elephant in the basement!" hahahaha - awesome. I guess i never grew out of being a sneaky sister. hahaha

Jodi said...

Ours is framed, but that is about it. We have a bunch of carpet remnents that Danny's Interior Designer Cousin hooked us up with, so we rolled them out and moved the TV down there. There are two framed bedrooms with beds even. It is VERY GHETTO! We love to be down there now. It is weird what that does to have another big family room to gather. It is always a huge mess-but oh well. The cat is funny! It reminds me of when I would find the Hansen's cat sleeping under the covers on my bed because Austin has snuck it into our house.

Trudy said...

Dear sweet Kristy, I played with your Natalie in Nursery yesterday, sometimes when I see the little families at church, you look like these beautiful little pictures, all the kids dressed so cute and lined up on the benches. and I'm so proud of you - all of the moms - and how hard you work and lovingly care for your family. I think we are all READY to garden. But we better get out and get the seed packets as soon as we can. So tell us about your bathroom!! Love ya