Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It takes a village

1. I am grateful for Hailey and Ally's Teachers-past, curent, and future. I think it is great for all of those friends of mine and others who home school, but it is just not for me. When I try to teach my kids I get frustrated when they don't understand what I want them to, they get upset, and it just doesn't work out for anyone.

2. I am grateful for the most awesome bus driver, Robin. She has been my kid's bus driver for two years, and she is great. She drops them off right at my door in the afternoon, and she cares about the kids so much. One day she even waited while Hailey slowly trudged down the street to the bus when she was late.

3. I am grateful for all of the cute girls in my neighborhood who I have come over and babysit for me. My girls LOVE to have babysitters, and it makes it so much easier to leave them knowing that they are happy. They all do such a great job playing with the girls and taking care of them.

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