Friday, February 15, 2008

Natalie is Potty Trained...well most of the time!

Allan's mom has been putting on the pressure to have all the will be 3 year olds potty trained, because she is taking us all on a Disney Cruise next January, a week after Natalie's third birthday. I was a little skeptical because when Natalie was born, I had 3 in diapers! I was totally unsuccessful at potty training Hailey until she was ready, but Natalie had been showing some signs of interest, so I took her into the bathroom Monday morning, took her pants off, and sat in there with her all day and put her on the potty when she started to go the first few times. After the second time she got the idea, but for a good 3 days we were going every 5 minutes. She does really well now most of the time, and I am very proud of my big girl. She is the youngest of the 4 cousins that will be 3, and the only one potty trained!

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