Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quick Weight Loss Update

Well, I said I would update the blog world on my progress once a month, so here I am. I am not going to take a picture because I still look the same.....Maybe I will take a picture every 3 months just to see if I look any different.

This last month has gone okay. I have lost 4 lbs, which is what I said I need to lose, so that was good. I have worked out 5 days a week for the last 3 weeks. (since Brayden was 6 weeks old) I have been trying to keep track of my calories and eat right, and did pretty good for a couple of weeks, then the last two I have kind of been slacking off and also not watching my portion sizes as well as I should. I have such a hard time reducing what I eat when I am breastfeeding. I am hungry all the time and snack on junk all day long, a big disadvantage to being a stay at home mom!

This next month I am going to try and make sure I have healthy low calorie snacks around for when I want a snack. I am also going to try and drink even more water so I maybe don't feel as hungry. I drink quite a bit anyway because breastfeeding makes me thirsty, but I would like to be better about constantly drinking water rather than waiting till I am thirsty. I also need to be better about not taking seconds at meals, I know this one thing could reduce the calories I am eating by 200-300 calories a day, but sometimes dinner (or dessert) just tastes so yummy I want more!

Okay, time for your participation: leave a comment and let me know what your favorite low calorie snacks are!


Rachel said...

You are doing awesome, I always have such a hard time losing weight when I am nursing because I am so hungry all the time, and even though you burn extra calories you still can't eat all you want. I know this first hand. One snack that I love that is filling and low cal and high fiber is Fiber One bars, they are delicious! The chocolate oat ones are the best.

Emily said...

I'm also always super thirsty. :) I'm actually losing too much weight nursing twins so, I don't feel like I can cut out calories right now (I'm having trouble eating enough), but my favorite low calorie snack is air-popped popcorn! My kids love it too. They love watching our air-popper, and they also love helping me vacuum after our snack. :)

triciathomas said...

I am totally impressed!!! Your amazing! My favorite snacks are low fat string cheese, celery (weird I know), cucumbers with salt, 100 calorie popcorn bags you feel like you get to eat SOOOOO much for only 100 calories, and those sugar free fudgesicles. Good luck!

Nat said...

Good for you for keeping track of your weight loss. And WOW about exercising so much!

Some of my favorite things to munch on: rice cakes (there's a caramel one that's really yummy); I haven't actually snacked on these since college, so I have no idea how many calories there are, but oooh, I loved 'em. Also, carrots and cucumbers and celery. And cheese! (Though, again, I have no idea how many calories there are in different cheeses.)

I have a hard time drinking just plain water for some reason, but I buy little drink mixes-Propel (raspberry lemonade or kiwi strawberry) and Crystal Light (raspberry peach is my favorite). You mix a little packet with 16 oz., and they are so yummy! And they're like, 10 calories or something. It may not be straight water, but I can down one of those bad boys in a couple of minutes, whereas I'd nurse a water all day long. They're usually found by the kool-aid mixes.

Robin said...

Rice Krispie Treats. Hands down, my favorite. You can buy the little ones that are like 90 calories each, but I but the big ones at Sam's that are about 150. Anything under 200 is still a low calorie snack in my book. I also love the flavored waters, you already know that.