Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer Fun and the Livin's Easy

July was a great month this summer. We really got into a great routine with all of the kids home! I made chore charts for the girls with one chore for each year old they are and they were so great at helping out! Now that they are back in school I sure miss this because they just don't have the time.
We had lots of time to play outside. This is Lilly and Natalie playing in the little car we have. Lilly just loves being pushed around the driveway and Natalie had a great time doing the pushing. They were very cute!
I don't really have a picture about this but I know I have mentioned how great our neighborhood is and how many great families we have around to play with! It is awesome being able to send the kids out to our back yard and have tons of friends to play with right there!
June also brought our first bout of swim lessons. The girls had so much fun. We signed up with our friends the Pettingills and each one had a friend in their class.
Here is Natalie in her class practicing her kicks and her friend Spencer is actually doing it too! He is a bit crazy and liked to give the teachers a challenge. Natalie was and still is a bit of a chicken, but by the time we had our family reunion in August she was at least brave enough to put her head under water.
Here is Ally practicing a back float. I fibbed a little and put her into a 6 year old class so she could be with her friend Sydney, and she was actually the only one of my kids who passed their class up to the next level. She did really great!
Here is Hailey swimming. She struggled because she was in a pretty high class, but she really tried hard and got a lot better in the 2 weeks. Hailey was in a class with her friend Maddie.
Another thing that Summer brought was park day. Every Tuesday we went to a different park with the girls from our ward. It was a lot of fun. These pictures are from the day we went up to the Rexburg Splash Park.
There is a Carousel and the girls always love to ride on it at the end of the day.

Writing about this makes me miss those care free days, although at the time I know I wasn't feeling so care-free as it was my first trimester and I was not feeling great. I am just grateful now that it was during the summer I wasn't feeling good because I am so busy now if I didn't feel good I don't know what I would do!
Well, mission accomplished, I am blogging and catching up. Next you all get to hear about my graduation so stay tuned!

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Sunnie said...

i enjoyed summer also, until we had to stop all the fun and get ready to have a baby:) it is nice not to have to get up and get going and out the door. i'm jealous of all the backyard friends you can play with. we don't have too many age appropriate neighbor kids to play with.