Thursday, August 20, 2009

I was inspired

Multiple Kids-purple

My friend Nat was talking about anticipation for school to start and for a schedule to begin and her mixed feelings of happiness and stress. Anyway, she made up a weekly schedule of her activities and I thought it looked like a good idea.

Now I think I am feeling a little stress. I haven't quite decided somethings like if I am going to work out in the morning or run in the evenings and when I will be volunteering in the girls classrooms. My day is actually not so bad because I will have one at home all the time, one in preschool 2 mornings a week, one in kindergarten 5 mornings a week and one second grader gone all day long. (for me this is a piece of cake compared to four at home all day long all the time in summer) What stresses me out is our afternoons and evenings. Once Hailey is home we have ballet two days a week, piano lessons one day, I haven't gotten a soccer schedule yet so that is not on there, but I hear it will be practice on Tuesday and games on Thursday. Luckily, even though they will be in different age groups soccer should be at the same time and place for both Hailey and Ally. Add all of that to homework and chores and piano practice and making dinner and baths and reading and I am just hoping we can get it all in.

Wish me luck.....why did I want to have a 5th child???


Emily K. said...

And so the juggling begins, you'll do great. You are SO organized! I might have to steal that idea from you!

B. Surfer said...

I can't even begin to understand - but it looks like you've got a great handle on things!

Jamie said...

It's the after school activities that freak me out too. Frannie isn't even in school yet. But when I think about all the taxiing around and money coupled with homework and dinnertime and just plain ol downtime, I get antsy. My husband never had ONE scheduled activity. Never played on a soccer or baseball team. Never had instrument lessons. And here he is a fine soul who has found his own interests anyways.

Shaunna said...

I'm impressed, now I might have to copy your idea and get my own schedule. The problem with me is keeping to it. Good luck with this new school year starting.

Nat said...

Wow, you're going to get up at 5:45?!?!? I'll be lucky to drag my butt out of bed at 7:00! Though, maybe I should try for 5-Pete would wake me up when he gets up for work. Oooh, I'd get SO much done while my kids are asleep.

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Ok you are crazy! My day consists of sleeping, reading, shopping and quilting! I throw the kids stuff now and again!:)