Thursday, May 21, 2009

A year of Lilly...and a little surprise!

Lilly 1 Day old!
Lilly's Blessing Day, 1 Month Old!
Lilly in her Swing 2 Months Old!
Lilly and Ally, 3 Months Old!
Lilly and her Sisters, 4 Months Old!
Lilly at a Football Game, 5 Months Old!
Lilly as Tigger for Halloween, 6 Months Old
Lilly Standing, 7 Months Old!
Lilly taking a Big Girl Bath, 8 Months Old!
Lilly at Disney World, 9 Months Old!
Lilly sliding with Natalie, 10 Months Old!
Lilly, 11 Months Old!
Lilly and Mommy, 1 YEAR OLD!!!
We are all so happy to have Lilly as part of our family. She is very curious and likes to explore her surroundings. She is super smart and figures out things like how to go up and down stairs and the quickest way to escape outside. She started crawling on her hands and knees at 6 months old, and seems content with that still. She is starting to stand up on her own and take a few steps, but is not walking yet. She is going to be a big sister. She says a few words, some of her favorites are mom and ya. Mostly her very favorite thing to do right now is to go around the house and empty everything, drawers, cupboards, baskets, etc. Luckily our trash is in a pull-out drawer and is safe for now! Lilly loves to eat and eat and eat, and she really works her 4 little teeth. Lilly is almost always happy and usually happy to crawl around and do her own thing. She has been my worst sleeper unfortunately and although she is now sleeping through the night she is usually up by 6:00 a.m. which I do not appreciate! Lilly loves her sisters and from a very young age learned to tolerate (mostly by Ally) being carried around, squeezed, kissed, and played with.
At Lilly's one year appointment, the Doctor was happy to see that she is "back up to the 4th percentile for height and weight!" and was surprised by how easy going she was. She weighed in at 17 lbs. 9 oz. was 27" tall and had a head circumference of 18 1/2" (which by the way was 98th percentile!)


danielle said...

She's going to be a big sister??

Congratulations! =)

Michele Soon-to-be Seif said...

I caught that one too! Big sister?!?!?!?!

Kristen and Scott said...

When are you due!!! ok so my 4 month old is SO much bigger than your 1 yr old yikes

congrats on being prego i hope we get to see you on our journey!!!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Congratulations!! You need one of those tickers on here now!

Sunnie said...

what a tiny little thing she is! but she is so cute- what a beautiful baby. honestly that pic of her in her blessing dress is so beautiful. and does that mean #5? that is great! 5 girls??? :)

B. Surfer said...

You are sooo sneaky. hahaha. Hope you're feeling well. Congrats on #5!

Shera said...

I love how you snuck that little sentence in! Congratulations!!! One girl for each of Robin's boys or are you going to break the trend?

Emily K. said...

Happy Birthday Lilly! Your girls are so beautiful, you do great work! And yes, what that a sneaky snippet or just future planning sentence?!

Nat said...

You sneaky little blogger! Congrats! And she's such a little doll!

Jamie said...

Congratulations Kristy!! My girl was the same size as Lilly at one year :) She's 4 now and 29lbs. My little leggy stringbean.

I'm very excited for your new addition!

Janae said...

Congrats!! I figured it would be pretty soon. I wish we were super fertile at our house!

Kyla said...

Congrats! How are you feeling? When are you due?

Kari Roberts Staker said...

I like how you slipped that one in there ... just to see if everyone is actually reading!