Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What can you fit on a twin sized bed??

This morning I went in to straighten up the girls room and I noticed that there was a pillow out of it's case, so I went up on Hailey's bed (the top bunk) and this is what I found on top of her comforter:

21 Stuffed Animals
33 cookie cutters
4 purses
18 copied mini-books from school
10 sheets of stationary
2 cards
2 sticker sheets
3 nail polishes
4 felt toys
DVD case
3 books
birthday crown
size 24 mos. Tinkerbell outfit
doll shirt
doll shorts
doll shoes
Pioneer Barbie
Barbie's picnic basket
baby bottle
playdoh sissors
dental mirror pencil topper
empty playdoh container
bike reflector
pink plastic tube
2 pillows with cases
1 extra pillow case
1 quilt

I do have to note that all of these things were toys, so not anything that I was missing. Also, I spread everything out to take the picture, mostly everything was hidden under the stuffed animals or inside pillowcases. I should have taken a before picture. She is such a funny girl.


Amanda said...

I love it!! This is such a special "childhood" moment. Thanks for sharing!

Miranda said...

That is so funny, I almost thought I was looking at a listing on Ebay! I love the funny things kids do!

Hilary G. said...

That is so funny! I'm sure she had a lot of fun putting it all up there.

Kari Roberts Staker said...

That is something Emily would do. She puts all her animals on her bed, but Webkinz get the prime spots!