Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hailey's Special Day

Allan and I decided that we would start having one night a week when we took one of the girls out for some special just them time. They would get to choose where they wanted to go and which one of us would take them. Last night Hailey was the first one to go. I think wether she realizes it or not she is ready to get back to school. She just seems to need a little time away from her sisters and a little special attention.
She decided she wanted to go out for ice cream, so we talked about all of the ice cream places we could go, and she chose Baskin Robbins. It was so cute because I told her that was my favorite place to go when I was her age, and she was so excited about how we were the same. It was lots of fun getting to talk with her on the way there and then while we were eating ice cream.
Then I asked if there was anthing she wanted to do before we went home and she wanted to go to a store and buy school supplies. So I asked which store do you want to go to and she said Walgreens. Her Uncle Scott is a manager at the Walgreens and she wanted to go and see him at work. We got all of her school supplies and she was very excited.
I think this will be a great tradition to start in our family, and that the girls will reall enjoy their special time with Mom or Dad.


Jamie said...

I love the pic of you and Hailey! So cute!

Fosburg Four said...

You and Allen are such an inspiration to us! You guys are great parents and have GREAT ideas. I remember going on dates with my dad and mom on my own and LOVED it!