Friday, May 30, 2008

Hailey's 6th Birthday and Slumber Party

Here's how the night went.............
Invite 3 Friends
Madison and Katie
Guests arrive and make Personal Pizza's!
Eating Pizza with our new Water Bottles!
Makeup and Nails!
Ice Cream Sundaes and Cupcakes!
Decorating Pillowcases!
Finished Product!
Ready to watch Mr. Mangorium's Wonder Emplorium!

There was a whole lot of playing in between, but you get the picture, a fun night was had by all. They all stayed and even went to sleep without any problems and everyone got to take home a new purse with their water bottle, nail polish, lip gloss, a wash cloth, and a fancy pen. Over all a great night and great first sleepover!!!


B. Surfer said...

Well, turns out we made it to CO. Parker to be exact. It's SouthEast Denver. Heading towards Colorado SPrings. I'm excited. His Job Starts July 1st - or whenever he gets his license. It oughta be good.

mackyton said...

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