Monday, April 7, 2008

The Big Hunt!

We did our big Easter Egg Hunt on Conference Sunday this year because Jeni and Shane had been on vacation, and we were wanting it to be a little warmer. It was a really fun day, we all got out there about 9:30 and had a yummy pot luck breakfast. Then we watched the first session, and then had 3 seperate hunts, one for the kids 6 and under, one for the big kids, and one for the Adults. It was lots of fun. The little kids are always fun to watch, and of course all of my kids fall into that hunt. Then Allan had lots of fun hiding Chelsie's eggs super hard because she said it is always too easy and boring! (she got Amber to climb the tree to get her egg for her) But then she got her just rewards because she hid our eggs. I tried to tell her to be nice to her big pregnant aunt, but I don't think she listened. We had eggs in trees, inside wheels, lawn mower bags, wood piles, behind the compost pile, and lots more. There were only about 2 eggs that were easy to find, and that was just because it started to snow so she wanted to go inside. After we sorted out the candy and money, Grandma opened up the big store in the basement, and the kids all got to go down and pick out a bunch of toys. Mom always does way more than she has to every year, but we all appreciate it, and the kids have so much fun. That all ended about 2:oo so it was perfect timing to watch conference, but good luck listening with all of the kids and their new toys! We took most of them out to the cars, and shooed the kids out. After conference, we ate dinner and played games till we got kicked out by Dad who was ready for a break from the craziness!

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C.Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with us! Your kids are adorable and it's good to see you are all doing so well. While chatting with Allan on the phone this past week he was talking to us about middle names and we thought of a cute one for Lily, so we thought we'd pass it on--what about Jane? I'm sure whatever you decide will be cute--Melissa and Lily are both great first names! Good luck!!
-Dave and Cathy