Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Allan...It's Snowing!

Today is Allan's 29th birthday, and it is snowing! My kids woke up this morning, and asked "Where's Daddy?" I told them at work, and they told me, "He can't be, it's his birthday!" I am sure he agrees with them. Then they looked outside and asked, "How can it snow in the Spring?" I had to tell them that we live in Idaho and hopefully it won't be snowing in the Summer! I guess the weather just wanted to prove me right because I said the snow wouldn't be gone by Allan's birthday. This has been a very long winter for my poor children after living in Florida for four years, the other day they saw a picture of themselves in the Summer, and they said, "That picture was taken in Florida because you can't wear shorts in Idaho." I hope Allan wishes for better weather on his birthday candles!

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